Kitchen Makeover

The complete home makeover continues in our house and we are currently working on the kitchen. Thus far we have painted the walls a deep shade of burgundy…..

We don’t have a lot of wall space in our kitchen and it’s a fairly open space so we were able to get away with the dark color and I absolutely love it! 

From there we moved on to the cabinets. They are old and really need to be replaced but since that is galaxies away from our budget, a fresh coat of paint would have to suffice. 

I forgot to take a before pic of the cupboards but they were a stark white and got a coat of tan, just $17.97 recycled paint from WalMart!

 After the cabinets were painted we moved on to the countertop which was an ugly shade of blue, chipped, dented, scratched and stained! 

We used a technique we found on Pinterest (you can find it here: I was nervous about doing it but it turned out great!!

We were looking for an affordable and easy to do backsplash idea and decided on peel and stick floor tiles that, believe it or not, we found at the dollar store for $15 a box (45 tiles). Because we were putting them on a cold wall we had a huge problem getting them to stick but, a tube of gorilla glue later, they are not moving anytime soon! 

And here is the complete project, minus cabinet handles that we haven’t found just yet!

Total cost of kitchen up to this point: $90

The next stage of the kitchen makeover is this wall….

I am planning to do a plank wall like this….

But that will have to wait because I am back to work for a few days. I’m hoping to have it all completed next week as our kitchen is in an uproar and nothing is where it should be and everything is where it shouldn’t! 

Until next time…..