The Mother of All Makeovers- A Vintage Handmade Kitchen table set 

I’m super super excited about this makeover project!! It’s old and tacky but has character and it’s just the right size for my small kichen which currently has a big oval pedestal table that’s taking up far too much room. 

So I saw this little thing on a buy and sell group on Facebook  Friday night for a wonderful $30! I woke early on Saturday and made the one hour trip to pick it up and luckily it fit in my small car. 



When I got it home and started the daunting task of sanding I realized that the top of the table wasn’t solid wood. Instead it was some sort of faux wood panelling. A little disappointing but once the wheels in my head staring turning I got an even better idea and the cheap paneling became a blessing in disguise! 


So off it came and I was left with this frame…


So I got to sanding…

The table top frame is completely sanding and secured together (it originally had an insert but I won’t be using it) and is ready for the next step which begins tomorrow. So be sure to tune in again soon for an update. This is going to be so much fun!! 


Tshirt Wall Art DIY

 I have a ton of projects to post from the past 11 plus months that I’ve been absent and I will get to them, in no particular order so get ready for lots of DIYs, makeovers, crafts and more, starting with these rocking DIY wall art. 

My oldest son, Keenan, is a rock star. No, not literally, but definitely in his proud Mama’s eyes. He’s a very talented guitarist, self taught, and can also play the bass and some piano. Before I go into details of the project I wouldn’t be a true cheerleader if I didn’t share this photo of my handsome and talented young man.  

Now, the project. While cleaning out Keenan’s drawers and closet he found several shirts, band shirts to be exact because I mean what other kinds are there, that were too small. 

We were packing them up to donate to our local thrift store when I had an idea. I had a set of damaged canvases that I had been going to throw out but hated to do so. So I got to work! I cut the tshirt into sections (front, back and sleeves) And slightly stretched the images over the canvases, securing them with hot glue on the back. The end result…..

Voila! Tshirt wall art! 


He loved it and so did I. He’s since moved back to the city, staying with his girlfriend’s family temporarily, and the bedroom that he shared with his little brother is now dominated by Kaleb but his tshirt wall art is packed safely away in a box waiting to be hung in his first apartment 🙂