Frame Makeovers and Photo Collage 

I have been having so much fun decorating my new place since the move. The kitchen is done, at least for now, as is the bathroom; my bedroom is well underway and I am tackling the kids room this coming weekend. The living room, however, still seemed bare and blah! I’ve got the basics down- a couch, loveseat, TV unit, and coffee and end table set that blend, as well as throw pillows, but the walls were still bare. I’ve been wanting to put up some family photos on the walls but didn’t have frames and couldn’t find any that were both a) what I liked and b) affordable. 

So, I did what I always do when looking for something I need on a tight budget- hit up the thrift stores, in this case, Value Village. While many of the items at Value Village, particularly their clothing ($7.99 for a used tshirt from WalMart that was only $10 new!) are outrageously priced, I find that a lot of their home decor isn’t. For example I found a set of curtains there for my living room for $9.99 and the brown faux suede shower curtain I now have in my bathroom for $6.99.  I was happy to find that frames were decently priced as well and found a huge supply of them in all sizes and all wood which made for easier makeover.  

I purchased 26 wooden frames for a total of $24- a steal!!


In hindsight, spray painting would have been much faster, however, it would have also cost more. Instead I used basic craft paint in deep red which I already had on hand (bonus!). 

 And then I used black paint marker and a damp rag to distress…. 

 Followed by a coat and sealer. 

The wooden LOVE letters were a yard sale find for $4. They were originally white (I forgot to take a before picture but you get the idea!) and I gave them a coat of black paint  which, again, I already had on hand. 

And the finished project….drum roll please…..  

 I know, some frames are a little squish. I’m still in the process of adjusting 🙂 

So, 26 frames and 3 days later, my living room is now closer to completion……

And I do not want to see another picture frame, like, ever!! Kidding, kidding. Yes, it was time consuming but so worth it in the end. I love my photo wall! 

Until next time… 



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