Mad Crafting Mama…….in the City

Hi y’all!

What? You don’t recognize me??? 

Well, I probably shouldn’t be surprised. It has been forever and a wink since I’ve stopped by, but, in my defence, I have been substantially busy with a HUGE change in the life of myself and my sons. 

Guess what we did!!!

We moved to the city! 

That’s right. As soon as school was out for the year my sons and I packed ship and headed for the city, a 4 hour drive from our little hometown. No, this wasn’t a rash decision made on a bipolar whim. We have actually been discussing it and planning for about a year and were super excited (and I was super nervous) when the big day finally came. Apartment hunting was a nightmare! The prices were outrageous and the places that were affordable were basically shacks. It was horrible! I finally settled for an apartment that wast quite up to my standards but had potential, allowed pets (see below for a pic of my fur baby Meika) and was affordable.  

My Fur Baby Meika


I had seen the apartment previously, a month or so before we moved in. As I said, it wasn’t up to my standards but I knew with a little tlc and my own personal touch I could create a beautiful little home for my boys, Kaleb and Keenan, and I, at least for the next year or so while Keenan finishes high school and makes the first steps into adult hood. Gulp! That terrifies me! He’s my baby boy, and the mere idea of him moving out on his own is absolutely terrifying!

But, I digress. 

The day we moved into the apartment is a day that I won’t soon forget. In fact, I still shudder to think about it. I stepped in through the door and walked around in silence. How was it possible that the apartment had gotten that much worse in the month since I had viewed it? It was absolutely filthy, needed repairs on almost every wall, and looked totally run down. I cried. Literally! I broke down into tears. I even hauled out my iPhone and started looking for another place, despite the fact that I would have lost $300 in a damage deposit paid to hold the place for me. 

Amidst the chaos and tears, 12 year old Kaleb  says “Mom, look at the bright side. The kitchen cupboards are beautiful.” This broke the tension and lightened the mood a little.  My son had looked for and found the silver lining and he continued to do so over the next few days as side by side him and I cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom! He was such an enormous help and in those 3 days I saw a glimpse of the man I someday hope he will grow in to. I was immensely proud of him. 

Once it had been thoroughly cleaned (for which I did receive a discount off my rent btw!) my landlord provided paint and we began making over our new little home. 

The kitchen was this tacky yellow… Did I mention how much I hate yellow? I was physically ill looking at it!

 So I gave it a fresh coat of paint in a simple shade of tan..

  And went yard saleing for some accents…  


So, my kitchen was so much nicer. However, the kitchen was the least of my worries……

My bathroom, which is basically the size of a closet, was painted, yup, the same nauseating yellow!!  

So, once again, it received a fresh coat of much needed tan paint and a makeover!!            

 I was quite pleased with the outcome of the bathroom 🙂 I love the color combo and the beach/coastal theme and the entire makeover cost under $100! What I got for under a hundred bucks:

  • Shower curtains (vinyl liner and outside faux suede curtain) and hooks. 
  • Sea shell canvases from Winners Homesence. 
  • Set of 4 glass starfish, also from Winners.
  • Wall hooks ($1 at a yard sale!)
  • Floor tiles 
  • Basket for towels 
  • More than 15 new towels and face cloths. 
  • Large mirror

My living room was next on the list to receive a makeover but it’s a slow process! It has received a fresh coat of paint, a great sofa and loveseat at a great price Of just $150!!! I found the red and brown pillows at a yard sale for just $5 for the trio, the coffee and end tables were a kijiji freebie that I painted black,   the baskets were another kijiji find for $20 for 3 complete sets, the curtains were a Value Village find for $10, the red wood crate I found at a yard sale for $4 which originally had teddy bears painted on them, the lamps were $10 at a yard sale, and the BELIEVE wall sign was another yard sale find for just $8.  


I’m currently working on my bedroom and the kids room and will post pictures soon! I have sooo much to share with you all and I promise I’ll be back real soon! 

Until next time…. 



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